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We have tailored our training to help you learn fast and become Professional.

Computer Skill & Knowledge

Computer skill and Knowledge is required in this our present generation. Everyone needs to be able to operate and solve problems with computer.

Computer Training Process

Our computer training tutor delivers outstanding and easy to learn training process. Every student is taking from individual level to professional level with top notch professional expertise.

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Let’s help you to improve your computer knowledge, skills and take your skill to professional level.

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(Computer appreciation, Data Processing:Ms Word, Ms Excel,Ms Power point etc.)

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Categories of our computer training

You need to stay informed. Our computer training has been splitted down in other to capture every area of need.

Computer appreciation

This package is arranged and organized to make our student familiar with computer operation. It is popularly termed 'know your computer'. This package is mainly for New student who has little or no knowledge of computer

Data Processing

Data processing involves making student understand have knowledge on the following software: Ms. Word, Ms. Excel, Ms. Power point. This will enable our students to grasp the required knowledge and be to solve all the problems presented before them.

Internet Package

This package is for students who already have knowledge of computer appreciation and data prosessing but wants to get giant stride in the area of internet i.e to be able explore resources in the internet & do online registration.

CBT Training

This package is for students who is preparing for Jamb, Working class people who is preparing for professional exams and other people who want to upgrade their computer knowledge.